Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Road Trip Mondays - 04/2/2012

Since Monday is our day off, we decided to take a little road trip to get out of town and to see the wildflowers.  So, we headed south to Brownwood. 

The recent rains in February and March have really made a difference.  Pastures are greener than they have been in a while, there was water in the creeks and tanks, and the wildflowers were beautiful.  It was a lovely drive to Brownwood via Highway 84.

Once we arrived in Brownwood, we went looking for a little restaurant we had been told about.  We found it on 110 East Chandler Street.  The place we were looking for was Steve's Market and Deli.  We went in and had a nice lunch.  They were very nice and very busy.  For the price, you get a lot of food.  You get a sandwich, chips and a bowl of soup.  We left full and satisfied.  

After lunch, we continued on to Comanche just for the fun of it.  We drove around the square and looked at all the lovely shops and restored buildings.  We made a note to return on a day when Brennan Vineyards is open.  

We left Comanche and headed to Rising Star.  We stopped off at the Hardwick Nursery.  We really enjoy this nursery, located right on Highway 36.  We have stopped here before in the fall for pumpkins and other gourds for decorations.  Their nursery was in full bloom and looked like a gardener's paradise.  The owners were really nice, and helped us find a rose bush that we have been trying to find for the last two years.

After we left Rising Star, we made our way back to Abilene.  We covered almost 200 miles round trip, but it was a great day.

More stories from the road to come later.... 

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