Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hot Dogs, Pizza and Farmers...

Last night after we closed the store, we moseyed on down South 14th to visit the guys at Beastro Pizza and Shortbus Hotdogs.  We have been wanting to try them for a while now, but because it is hard for us to get away at lunch, we've been missing out.  However, they are now parked at their Abilene Food Truck Court on South 14th (across from Subway) in the evenings starting at 6:00pm.  

Beastro Pizza

Shortbus Hotdogs

We ordered the Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Beastro and the Lunch Lady and the Substitute Teacher from the Short Bus.  All of our food smelled wonderful and the guys were extremely nice.  We took ours to go, but they have tables outside and a few inside, if you would like to stay and eat.

All I can say, is great job guys!!  We enjoyed our pizza and dogs and we will be back to try other offerings from their menus.  If you have not had a chance to check them out, we encourage you to do so.  You can check out their Facebook pages (Shortbus, Beastro) daily to find where they will be for lunch.  If you can't do lunch, do like we did and go see them at dinner.  

We are definitely going back!   

Farm Fresh
Have you been to the Farmer's Market the last couple of weeks? Unfortunately, we have been unable to make it yet, but we are really looking forward to going soon.  The market is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during the summer at sunrise.  It is located in the parking lot across the street from Frontier Texas.  You will need to arrive early, because they sell out by 9:30am most mornings.

Each week will bring more and more variety as more fruits and vegetables begin to ripen.  If you need a weekly reminder, we can help you get signed up for a weekly email from Joy Hedges at Slowpoke Farms.  She and her husband (Kerry) are mainstays at the market and send out a weekly email of what's happening at their farm and what they are bringing to the market on Saturdays.  

If you would like to begin receiving a copy of their email, send us an email and we will forward you the information.  Plus, you can reserve or order in advance from them via email.  

We hope you get a chance to explore the market and eat at the food trucks.

Until next time...

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