Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rancho Loma

This trip was not necessarily a road trip, because we had a 7:00pm reservation, but it did involve us driving about an hour, so a road trip it is!

On Saturday, we headed to Rancho Loma for the first time.  We have heard so many wonderful things about it and were extremely excited to try it out.  Let me simply state, they did not disappoint.  It was fantastic.  We had a wonderful and relaxing evening.  The grounds of the property are beautiful, the restoration of the old farm house is meticulous and excellently done.  Robert and Laurie have done an amazing job.  

We were greeted by Robert upon our arrival, and he poured us a glass of wine that we enjoyed next to the pool.  He explained the night's menu and told us to take our time and enjoy our surroundings.  When we were ready, we simply went inside, were seated at our table and dinner began.  Dinner consisted of five courses.

The first course was fresh Burrata cheese with fresh cherry tomatoes, micro greens, pine nuts, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  It was outstanding.  The Burrata was lovely and the fresh tomatoes were perfectly ripened.  The second course was a spicy grilled quail with a pomegranate reduction.  This is where our wine really began to shine.  It paired perfectly with the spicy quail.  The third course was a ricotta gnocchi with sweet corn and mushrooms.  The gnocchi was pillowy soft and extremely flavorful.  The fourth course was Akaushi New York Strip. It was phenomenal, cooked to perfection and almost melted in your mouth.  The handmade potato chips were excellent and the bed of whipped potatoes and the compound butter took it to the next level.  Our final course was to be milk chocolate Pots de Creme.  However, we were informed that we were receiving a special dessert.  Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised.  I wish I had written the name of the dessert down, because I cannot remember it now.  However, it was amazing!  It was made with chocolate and olive oil and had an espresso mousse and chocolate drizzle on the side.  They also served us illy coffee.  It was tremendous.  Laurie's menu and execution were outstanding.  We were stuffed, but extremely happy!  Joy commented that I was smiling a lot!

After dessert, we continued to enjoy our coffee at our table and then went for one last walk around the grounds.  It was dark, but very peaceful.  Their new guestrooms are wonderful, and we hope to be able to stay in one in the near future.  We enjoyed their vegetable garden and their barn.     

We were there about 3.5 hours and could have stayed longer, but we needed to drive back to Abilene.  When you make your reservation, your table is yours for the whole evening.  This allows you to simply relax and enjoy the evening.  The staff is very friendly and attentive to your needs.  

Rancho Loma is a wonderful experience all the way around.  If you have not had a chance to try it, we highly recommend you do.  You will not be disappointed.  Tell them cordell's sent you.  

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Rancho Loma
2969 CR 422
Talpa, TX 76882


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